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2nd FLASH Athletics Club Relays Championships

Flash Athletics Club will be organising the traditional Flash Relays. This is to enhance the Athletics scene by infusing the indomitable spirit of competition and engagement. We aim to reach out and strengthen relationships with our partners in Athletics.


Relays competitions have always brought out the best in athletes; the adrenalin pump, the thrill of the chase and the euphoria of overtaking and winning the race. It brings athletes closer together with a common strength of purpose, a shared will to win and team spirit. The relays are always the highlight of the Track & Field Programme, promoting team cohesion and values of resilience and perseverance.


Currently, relays competitions are limited to schools and Institutes of Higher Learning (SPH Relays & National Schools Track & Field Championships, Primary Schools Relays, Inter-Varsity Games). There are no relays competitions for Athletics Clubs and International Schools. So join us in celebrating the splendour of the Relays.

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FLASH X-Country 10.5km Run | MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Flash Athletics Club will be organising our 2nd Cross Country run for the year, as a follow up to our first run at Bedok Reservoir on 21 January.

Our run will be held at the MacRitchie Reservoir, over the challenging 10.5kmNorthern Route. The route will take you along the tranquil waters of the lake, exhilarating greenery of the forest and unpredictable terrain of the trail.

For those with stout hearts and an indomitable will to win, handsome rewards await you at the finish line, with prize money totalling $17 000 as the winner stand to win $1 000 in cash (adult categories).


Start list will be available and downloadable soon. 

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